Friday, October 16, 2009

Coming Soon To A Mailbox Near You

Here are some birth announcements I've done for Eden, and I'm sure I'll do some more once I get to spend some more time at the computer-- newborns are so time consuming! This first one is what I've mailed out (today, finally). It folds off center so that when closed you see the three pictures on the side as well as the front cover 'a little bit..." picture. And when it's open, you see the inside (shown below). This one will fit in a normal small envelope.

Here's another one I did- I'm loving the vintage yellow and grey look lately, mixed with a bit of modern. This one doesn't fold, it just is printed on the front and back and fits in a regular letter sized envelope.


Jill said...

Holly - these are FANTASTIC! i love them!!

Steph said...

Awww these are great Holli! Did you do the picture yourself? It looks fab.

Kels said...

sooo cute, i can't wait to check my MAIL!!!!